Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all

We are home

Last night we got home. Now I can update the blog with lots of pictures and updates. I am sorry I was unable to get on blogger or facebook while in China. My sister was doing the updates while I was there but I have several more to do. So something this week I will do that. I will update with pictures some time today or tomorrow.

Monday, December 21, 2009

What I have learned in 9 days.

I know I have only been a mom for 9 days now, but I wanted to share with you all what I have learned in this short period of time.

1) Do not give a child 7up right before bedtime.
2) Don't let a one year old play on the bed with no diaper ( Had to have new sheets put on)
3) Mommies don't really have time to eat because when the baby is full its play time.
4) Mommy food does not stay hot till baby is done eating.
5) M and M's after 8pm is not a good idea.
6) Too much sugar at one time can make a child hyper.
7) When the baby is fussy at a restaurant and people are giving you dirty looks it is time to go even though your not done eating.
8) What a nose sucker is and how to use it.
9) The only music you sing is the ABC song, or Farmer in the Dell.
10) You sleep when baby sleeps
11) You wake up when baby wakes up.
12) There is always dried food or snot somewhere on your clothes.
13) You wake up in the morning and you know that your son was sleeping on your pillow because you find a dried booger on it.
14) To pick up the toys before you go to bed , because when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and you trip on a toy it hurts.
15) If that toy is sound activiated it wakes up the baby and he thinks it is play time at 3am.
16) When a one year makes a strange face and you discuss who's turn it is to change the diaper.
17) At 2am and the baby is crying for no reason the best thing to do is leave him with daddy and have a smoke on a different floor.
18) When your baby gets 6 shots from the Dr. and is crying you cry with him.
19) While watching TV with your son in china and they are speaking chinese and it is a cartoon that you can really understand what is going on even though you don't know what they are saying.
20) He drinks out of your cup and leaves food behind.
After all that and I still love him more than ever, thats mommys boy!!!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dec 11th 2009 China

Our Journey To Andrew: Dec 11th 2009 China

Dec 11th 2009 China

Didn’t sleep very much last night. Got into the hotel and I had to figure out how to turn the lights on. You put your hotel key into this slot by the door and it turns the lights on.The toliet was different too. You don't have a handle but a push botton on the top. The air in Beijing was so bad. It was foggy and the fog didn't help the pollution. But once the fog lifted the smell was much better.

Went to bed around 12:30 am but I slept for a hour and was up for a hour. Then at 6am there was someone out side that was yelling till 6:15am. Why I don’t know.

From there we met the other couple Dave and Debbie and Debbie's sister Lynn. They got a referral of a boy too but in the special needs program. After breakfast we met with Sim, our tour guide and the 5 of us loaded into this huge tour bus.

Our first stop was the Forbidden City. Which is where Chinese Emperiors in history lived. Then we went to a pearl factory. Summer Palace was next. That was ok and then we went back to the hotel. Don and I decieted to explore on our own so we went to a grocery store for soda, and shopped in a couple of the small clothing shops on the way back to the hotel. We were in walking distance when we went off on our own.The grocery store was different. Soda at the hotel was 33 yen and in the supermarket is was 2.25 yen. On the way looking for the soda I noticed that the meat for sale is not packaged like it is in the US. The meat was cut up and tossed into bends when you pick out the meat and bag it. The supermarket had what I think was fruit that I had never seen before…..And of course all the food on the shelves were in Chinese. The only way I knew I was buying Coca Cola was the bottle was about the same shape and it said Coca cola. Hahaha The shopping in the clothing shops was kinds funny because I was not and still am not familiar with how they do theirbv sizing that and the fact that the lady did not know any English and the only word I know was Thank you. I was able to buy a jacket for my Neice and I hope it fits. Got back to the hotel and we ordered fired rice from the little restaurant in the hotel and then went to bed.

Oh while touring today I was interduced to Chinese street venders.You tell them no and they stay by your side and walk with you trying to make a deal along the way. Funny story> This lady walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to buy a Jucci purse ( of course I knew it was fake ) But that was one of the things that someone wanted me to pick up in china. So she started out a 200 yen and I got her down to 120 yen which is about 20 dollars. Then she came up to us and asked to have a different 100 yen bills because the one we gave her was ripped. So Don gave her a new one. On the bus Sim, our tour guide told us to watch for the street vendors switching money. So we looked and the 100 yen that we got back and had to exchange was not Chinese money but was actually Taiwain Money which looks very close to Chinese but worth about 25% of Chinese money.Lessoned learned. Now we know what to look for and what to watch out for.

Oh my when I went to the forbidden city I had to go to the bathroom and I opened the stall and I was in shock. They didn’t have a normal toilet like in the US. They had like a flat toilet that was on the floor that you squat and do your thing. For anyone that is adopting. When You are out touring make sure you have toilet paper. Most tour places don’t have any.But every restaurant that I have been to so far has had some.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Journey To Andrew: Dec 9th, 2009 Day we leave for China

Dec 9th, 2009
We left CWA airport at 6:10 am and got to Chicago at 7:15am ...We had a 4 hour lay over so we got something eat and then sat around. Left Chicago at 12:10 p.m and headed on the longest plane ride ever...13 hours...heading towards Tokyo Japan...what was confusing to me was Japan time is 13 hours ahead of Wisconsin time....and I am not kidding while on the phane it was day time,,,night time,,,,day time....all during 13 I didn't know what day it was or what time it was in Wisconsin or Japan let alone China....So we got to Japan at 4:30pm Thursday evening ( Wisconsin time) Wednesday morning some time....hahahah we had a 2 hour lay over and then we were back on the plane for a 3 hours fight to Bejing China.....
During the fight info...While in Japan I was a little nervous cus I only speak English but there was enough people that spoke somewhat good english to get me where I was going......The signs are in three languages for the bathroom, Smoking area, Food service and for the airport info so it was not hard finding our way people there was so nice...the two hour layover was just talking to people where are you going and what for was fun....I did get to sleep on the airplane but I was fustrated Cus everytime I was just getting to sleep Donald wanted something out of his bag or wanted to say I kept waking up......

ok during the flight from Chicago to Japan I thought my legs were going to cramp and never move again.....We flew in the huge plane that had 374 passengers....there were 4 seats in a row in our section and of couse I was stuck in the middle.....the only relief that I had was on the tv screen in frount of me told me how much longer the flight was.....But the cool thing was all the announcements were in English and Japanese....During the 13 hour flight we had two meals a snack and the dinners we had our choice of two meals....One dish was american and the other was asian the food was not that bad....I took the american food cus I knew that I would be eating chinese food for the next 14 days.....Then on the plane ride from Japan to China we had another meal asian food which was not that good.....

Ok we got to beijing at 10:20 there time on Thursday evening..which was Thursday morning at 8:20 am friday morning for you....